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Born in Cardiff, South Wales in 1976, Luke began learning guitar at the tender age of 10.

After several years of taking classical guitar lessons under tutor Chris Ackland, Luke by the age of 15 had passed his grade 8 with distinction. By this time Luke had long since started teaching himself electric guitar and was performing regularly with various different bands and artists in the UK.

At the age of 17 Luke won a guitar competition run by the Musicians Union, the prize was a scholarship at The Musicians Institute in London.

After finishing his scholarship in The Musicians Institute Luke went on to study The Berklee College of Music's 'Performance and Harmony' course under tutor Eran Kendler.

By the age of 20 Luke was living in London and had became a full time professional musician, performing and recording with variety of different bands and in various West End musicals and touring theatre shows.


In 2001 Luke got married and moved back to South Wales where he built and set up his own recording studio 'The Ranch Studios'. When he's not on tour Luke works in his studio producing masses of music product of all types and varieties year on year.

Luke has continued to perform professionally, working with a long and varied list of artists and shows that have taken him on countless tours all over the world.

In addition to the above, Luke teaches guitar and always has a full roster of students. Luke also runs several guitar workshops and master classes throughout the year.

Coolhand Debut Album Out Now!

Luke also records and performs worldwide with his own band Coolhand, take a look at their website: and check out their debut, self titled album 'Coolhand' which is available for download/purchase on iTunes, Amazon and most online music stores.

The Coolhand Album is available for download from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, and over 100 online music stores.


In this section you will find a range of audio and video samples from studio sessions and live performances.

Live in Concert Highlights.

Acoustic Unplugged Show.

Classic Rock Show.

Coolhand - 'Everything' Video Shoot.


The Ranch Studios

Luke owns and runs 'The Ranch Studios' which produces masses of product each year, ranging from privately commissioned music for TV and radio, library music and jingles, adverts/voice over work, the recording and production of full albums for bands, solo artists and singer/song writers, plus the production of backing tracks and click tracks for renowned touring acts and theatre shows.

Online Session Recording Service:

Luke offers an online session recording service where you can have Luke playing guitar on your songs/music all done via email/Dropbox straight from his studio.

You send Luke your song/music and he will record his guitar parts and send you back the files (a rough mix of your song/music with guitar parts plus a file of just the guitar parts for you to drop in to your song/music and mix yourself).

Prices range from the recording of a single solo or rhythm part to a full album (and everything in between).

Email today to discuss your requirements and have Luke playing on your recordings.

Taking the online session recording service a stage further there is also the option to have any instrument you wish as well as backing vocals, a string/brass section or even a whole band to record your song/music.

Luke is constantly working with a vast number of professional musicians so can always call on the very best drummers, bass guitarists, pianists/keyboard players, singers, brass and string players for your recording should you require.

Email today to discuss your requirements and bring your music to life.

Like what you see & hear?

Contact me to find out more about making music together!

guitar tuition

Luke has over 20 years experience as a guitar tutor and is fully CRB checked (a copy of the CRB certificate is available on request).
All styles and standards catered for, from beginners & improvers, to the more advanced.

All aspects of guitar playing and technique are covered as well as modern music theory/harmony, ear training, improvisation and composition.
Lessons are tailor made to suit your individual needs and requirements.

Luke also uses the worldwide recognised Rockschool and Trinity College London exam boards should pupils wish to take grade exams.

"Wow man... I don't know what to say! I'm blown away you would bother transcribing this, or anyone would care... ha ha.

Thanks ALOT! It sounds great. I will stay home and you can go on the road ha ha. Great job. I am very very flattered mate."

Steve Lukather.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a lesson cost?
Lessons are priced at £30.00 per hour or £140 for a block booking of five one hour lessons (payable in advance by the 1st lesson of the block booking).

How do I book lessons?
Simply email Luke. On your initial enquiry Luke will ask if you are a beginner or if you have some previous playing experience, what you want to gain from lessons, what style/styles you are most interested in learning and finally your availability (your preferred dates and times).

Once times and dates have been agreed upon only a full payment will guarantee the lesson slot or block booking. Payments can be made to Luke in cash (in person), by cheque or bank transfer. Skype students can also pay via PayPal.

Will I be charged if I miss a lesson?
As long as Luke is given 48 hours notice of the cancellation of a lesson you will not be charged for that lesson. On the very rare occasion Luke may need to cancel a lesson you will not be charged.
Please be aware that Luke can not hold lesson slots open for long periods of time if you do not attend your lessons and will offer that slot to someone else if he feels it is not being used enough.

How many lessons will I need?
How long is the proverbial piece of string??? Many students sign up for a complete course of lessons whereas some might just want help with a specific aspect of their playing. It really does depend on the individual student, their ability and how far they wish to progress into the wonderful world of music and guitar playing.

Am I too young or too old to learn?
No! Luke teaches students from as young as 7 up to 70 years of age.

Do I come to you for my lesson or do you come out to me?
Dependant on availability and where you are in proximity to Luke who is based in South Wales (Cardiff/The Vale of Glam and surrounding areas) both options are possible.
Skype lessons are also available for students globally.

How does a Skype lesson with Luke work?

Skype lessons allow students to receive real time, high quality audio and video lessons direct from Luke's studio. A tried and tested method used the world over that enables you to chat and learn from the location of your choice.
Once your lesson is booked and paid for you will receive Luke's Skype address, and you will be added to his
Skype contacts list.
Please note any unsolicited attempts at connecting to Luke's Skype account will fail.

What do I need for Skype lessons?

>>> A computer/laptop/iPad/tablet that has a webcam with a microphone (built in or external)
>>> The Skype software (which is totally free)
>>> Speakers
>>> A moderately fast internet connection
>>> Your guitar
Email Luke today and start learning and improving straight away!


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